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Pixies Pillows

Pixies Pillows

Pixie's vital statistics:

  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 113
  • Birthday: January 12th, 1986
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Shoe size: 6
  • Ambitions: To go to as many parties as I can while I am still young
  • Turn Ons: I like the body builders
  • Turn Offs: People who let themselves go
  • Every girl needs: Bathing suits
  • Fav movies: Swim Fan, The Village
  • An actress I admire: Julia Roberts
  • Fav sports: Swimming, Boating, Skiing
  • Dream car: Benz, baby
  • Fav color: Bright Red
  • Fav position: Any position will do
  • Strangest sex place: In the middle of the freeway in a traffic jam
  • Dream Photoshoot: On the beach at dusk

Pixie's Personal Site: Watch me while I'm getting myself naked in front of the camera. Want to see my full length movies and be able to download them onto your computer? You can do that once you have joined my site.

Visit her personal web site!

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